Polymath Consulting work on projects and advise organisations across the Cards & Payments industry

Real Insight into Cards & Payments Industry

Whilst recognizing that every project is unique, we aim to deliver added value through a combination of real insight coupled with expertise and experience. This often enables us not only to save client's money, but also significantly improve their speed to market.

We deliver this added value through the use of ‘practitioners’ not theoretical consultants; many of our team have had front line P&L responsibility. They have detailed understanding of the practical and operational issues that often derail many projects.

Global Experience in EMoney & Emerging Payments

Polymath Consulting are particularly well known for our work in EMoney and Emerging Payments for which we would consider ourselves one of, if not the leading consultancies.  We have delivered over 100 projects and many of these are documented on our case studies section.  We publish the Prepaid Report, a UK centric, but also covering Europe and the Middle East guide to the open loop prepaid cards.  We map twice yearly every UK consumer loaded card and their fee. read more about the  Prepaid Report or view some of our work and experience in Prepaid Cards.  We also track every outsource prepaid card processor on our FREE processor database - top right button.  We also run a consumer fee simulator for all cards in Italy and the UK, again top right button.