Prepaid Cards Outsource Review

A key question many brands ask as their initial contract comes up for review is 'Have we got the best deal?'

The prepaid market has changed dramatically in the last few years. There are now over 20 programme managers and many more BIN sponsors available to choose from. The options available to brands in terms of how they contract and structure their prepaid card requirements are very different and far more varied. With new legislation and regulations from Visa and MasterCard in relation to membership options that may not have existed when a brands prepaid card was initial contracted are now available.

Polymath Consulting has developed a proprietary approach to quickly review and assess these options for clients; evaluate current contracts in light of current market rates and help clients ensure they are obtaining 'best value' from the marketplace.

A typical initial review for a client is completed over two days by the consultancy team and costs £5,000. This includes client briefing, workshop and final report.