We have not published many WhitePapers in the last few years, but instead please look at our blogs and press coverage where you will find the latest thought leadership pieces from Polymath.

Polymath Consulting practitioners has published a number of thought papers on prepaid cards.  These both provide practical advice as well as looking into the future and are free to download.

If the Whitepaper has been interesting do contact us as we may have further information we can supply on the topic or new udpated data. davidparker@polymathconsulting.com

PSD2 A Future of Payments White Paper

PSD2, is a huge subject but how does it affect EMoney and Emerging Payments this white paper highlights the issues and opportunities PSD2 creates.

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Hybrid Prepaid Cards - A review of current cards

Hybrid Prepaid Cards, are they a new opportunity for issuers and brands. In this short report Polymath Consultancy has reviewed the products that are currently available both in the USA and UK and looked at Prepaid cards that offer additional functionality than just being a prepaid payment card.

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BIN Sponsorship - How and Why

Many banks are considering if they should become a BIN sponsor for Prepaid Cards. This short document outlines why a Bank may consider offering this service, outlines how much money they will make and what their responsibilities are.  This document tries to address five key questions, prior to this it will outline the overall position of the BIN sponsor in the Prepaid Value chain

1. When are BIN Sponsors relevant

2. Why become a BIN Sponsor, Typical BIN Sponsor Financials

3. Relationship Structure

4. BIN Sponsors Risks

5. BIN Sponsor Responsibilities and Programme set up

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Turn Down Prepaid Card - UniCredit Case Study

Using a prepaid card to Credit Card turn downs has been talked about a lot. There are few examples though where this is done seamlessly. The following case study outlines the Czech Republic UniCredit example.

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Prepaid Cards - What can they learn from other industries?

With consumers said to be tightening their belts what learnings or hope do other sectors offer for prepaid payment cards.

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Multifunction Prepaid Cards

The paper defines what multifunction prepaid cards are, highlights some case studies and argues that they are a key solution for prepaid applications in the future.

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Staff Incentive and Reward Cards

The paper sets out to identify if Prepaid Cards have a role in staff incentive and motivation based both on practical examples and theoretical research and then look at their future.

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Gift Card Malls their role and future

Published in late 2007 the paper looked at the role of Gift Card malls in educating consumers and their penetration both current and forecast in the UK market.

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Survey 2008: Getting it Right in Europe

In 2008 Polymath Consultancy asked the opinions of key people across a number of European processors, networks, consultants, programme managers and banks about what the key issues are that the UK needs to get right to ensure the predicted growth is turned to reality.

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UAE First Mall Gift Card

Ibn Battuta Mall launched in August 2009 the UAEs first Mall Gift Card. This is a short case study on it.

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New: Updated Review of Cashless Stadiums, Events and Festivals

This is a short round up of open and closed loop payment devices being used to create cashless stadiums around the world and their uses in festivals.  This 2013 updated report has new uses and further details on existing programmes.

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ID and Access Control

We have started to see the growth of open loop prepaid functionality being added into/onto ID and access control at Universities and Stadiums. This short white paper picks up on some of the schemes around the world.

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Becoming a Programme Manager, roles and responsibilities, should you do it?

Many companies consider becoming a prepaid card programme manager.  This paper outlines the considerations when making that decision, but also the roles and responsibilities a Prepaid Card Programme Manager has.

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Processor: Emoney Debit and Prepaid What are your options?

There are a number of options that exist when considering processing for Emoney Debit and Prepaid cards.  This white paper considers where the balances and authorisation is taken from and what factors you need to consider when selecting an outsourced managed processor.  It also lists the main processors available in Europe for you to consider.

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Selecting a Programme Manger

Selecting a Programme Manager can be minefield with so many companies claiming to offer the best fit/solution.  In this short white paper we outline the key areas that a brand needs to consider when selecting a programme manager and that will enable them to wittle the many down to a few.

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A Brief History of Payments

This is a brief history of payments from the beginning to the modern digital world.

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Commercial V Consumer BIN

A short white paper that explains the differences between commercial and consumer BINs from a scheme perspective as they apply in Europe.

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GDPR how it affects EU BIN sponsors with non EU processors

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GDPR Compliance for Bin Sponsors, Programme Managers and Wallet/Card Processors

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