Market Entry Analysis

Which market next, where to put your efforts and resources is a question many companies face.

Whilst in some cases carrying out the research and analysis in-house is practical in many it is not. There is limited  time and resources available and often ‘on the ground’ or language resources are needed to really get to the detailed information required.

 Polymath Consulting has now carried out research on over 68 markets around the world on behalf of clients, looking at the macro economic factors as well as other more tailored criteria. But what makes us unique is our approach. We believe practitioners/consultants are great at the analysis and ‘adding value’ to data, but using practitioners to gather data is expensive. 

We therefore work with a team of experienced ‘researchers’ to gather the raw data. This enables us to obtain data in a cost effective manner for 

clients and then add the analysis on top with real understanding and insight. Added into this is Polymath’s unique global database and partners that we can draw upon.

To date we have used researchers with language abilities including: Mandarin, French, German, Italian and Bahasa. This has enabled us to often get far better, more detailed information than would be possible an ‘English/Western’ only approach.

Working with the client we then develop detailed filter criteria and scoring solutions to assess countries against each other, either on a straight line or cluster analysis basis. Resulting in detailed analysis to allow you to concentrate your efforts where the greatest return will be achieved – all at a highly cost effective rate.

Clients to date for this service have included PayU in South Africa and Western Union. Contact us for a detailed discussion of your requirements.