In The Press

Polymath Consulting are frequently asked to comment or provide data to the press. If you require data or insights into the Emoney, Prepaid, or Emerging Payments Sector please contact us and we will be happy to support the publication. Below are a sample of articles and publications we have written/contributed to:

Revolut Founder Cites David Parker
Forbes Russia

Debate reveals Open Banking mixed messages
FS Tech: June 2019

Do you really need a banking licence to be a bank?
Retail Banking International: March 2018

28% of UK Prepaid Cards Illegal
Retail Banking International: March 2018

PSD2 A Time of Change and Challenge
Card & Payments World: October 2017

EU Directive Banning Card Fees May Also Include Prepaid Card Load Fees
Card & Payments World: July 2017

UK Banks; Prepaid Cards Surcharging Could be at Risk
PayBefore July 2017

Is Uncertainty Stalling Payments Progress
Card & Payments World: February 2017

Fintech Friend or Foe to Banks
Digital Banking Club: June 2016 video

Terrorist Financing and Prepaid Cards: Ban Them!
Paybefore January 2016

How Many Physical Wallets Do You Use
Retail Banking International October 2015

The Early Christmas Present from the EU on Interchange
Cards International and Electronic Payments International August 2015

Photo Only: Prepaid Awards
Market Watch March 2015

NFC v QR Codes: Are Both Still Alive?
Retail Banking International November 2014

Is the Prepaid Value Chain Consolidating?
Cards International November 2014

We used to be told the local shop was dead, is it true for the local bank?
Retail Banker International October 2014

Are Endless Data Breaches Going to Push People Away from Debit
Cards International October 2014

The Digital Wallet is the Banks to Lose - DBC Debate
Retail Banker June 2014

Scheme Private Label: The Hidden Cards
Cards International March 2014

The Revolution Quietly Happening on the High Street: E-Receipts
Cards International March 2014

Prepaid Summit Middle East 2014
Interview David Parker March 2014

How Much Will Individual Retailers Get to Control?
Transaction World February 2014

Redeem your American Express Membership Rewards in NYC Taxis Good or Bad
Transaction World January 2014

Accessing Data to Drive Value
Transaction World December 2013

Open Loop Payments Move into Stadiums and Festivals published
Transaction World
May 2013

Receipts Prove the Answer to Bank Data Needs
Cards and Transactions February 2013

How is the Prepaid Business Doing
Card & Payments World January 2013

US Prepaid Companies Aren't the Only Ones Shopping in Europe
Paybefore December 2012

Middle East Prepaid Cards
Paybefore Fall 2012

Loyalty cards & prepaid: a match made in heaven?
The Wise Marketer October 22nd 2012

The virtual rise of the prepaid reward scheme
The Wise Marketer August 30th 2012

Succesful Portfolio Acquiring
Cards and Transactions July 2012

Private Label Cards a Brief Overview
Cards and Transactions June 2012

Global Business on a Local Basis
Cards and Transactions May 2012

Sri Lanka Training Session Press Coverage:
Ceylon Today Private Label Prepaid Cards
Event Coverage General
TV Interview on Breakfast TV

Paypal Mainstream or Alternative
Cards and Transactions April 2012

Prepaid scores in Stadiums Internationally
Selling Prepaid 16th June 2011

Views on Regulation and Registration
Green Sheet 23rd May 2011

Under the Hood of Hybrid Prepaid Cards
Selling Prepaid 18th January 2011

Industry Views - Does Gift Come First in Europe
PayBefore Fall 2010

Innovation in Prepaid Cards

Green Sheet Issue 11 November 2010

A global review of prepaid innovation
Prepaid International Forum Member Bulletin December 2010

Virtual Wallets
Gulf News 16/10/10

A Snapshot of Prepaid in the UK and Ireland
Green Sheet Issue 10

Innovation in Prepaid
Global Prepaid Exchange IQ

Loyalty and Prepaid
Global Prepaid Exchange IQ

Government Loaded Prepaid Cards
Global Prepaid Exchange IQ

Dubai Prepaid Roundtable
Cards International November 2009

Hybrid Prepaid Cards
Global Prepaid Exchange IQ

UK Programme Managers
Global Prepaid Exchange IQ

Credit Cards; The next credit crunch for iGaming - I don't think so
IGaming Business