Becoming a Programme Manager, roles and responsibilities, should you do it?

Many companies consider becoming a prepaid card programme manager.  This paper oultines the considerations when making that decision, but also the roles and responsibilities a Prepaid Card Programme Manager has.

  1. Many organisation consider setting themselves up as programme manager
  2. Generally many of these should probably not do so. The key criteria ‘generally’ for setting up as a programme manager is as the name suggests to manage other programmes. If a company is only going to manage its own programme, and is expected to have less than 50k and potentially less than 100k of cards then it is probably going to be more cost efficient, certain in the short to medium term to use a programme manager rather than becoming one.
  3. To set up as a programme manager means that you will need to pay for both BIN Sponsorship set up and processor Set up Fees along with having monthly minimums for both of these services
  4. Programme management should thus not be gone into lightly, however saying this as banks and processors continue to expand their offerings with processor+ services it is becoming increasingly easy to set up if the business case justifies the expense
  5. The following document outlines the role of a Programme Manager and what tasks a programme manager needs to carry out
  6. These ‘takes’ will vary depending on what role the programme manager wishes to take along with who the processor and BIN sponsor is
  7. Different processors have different capabilities and this affects what is required from the programme manager involved in managing the programme

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